CLM Southeast Conference Panelist

Sigmund J. Fleck: Municipal Liability

We are proud to note that our partner, Sigmund Fleck, recently had the opportunity to serve as a panelist for CLM’s Municipal Liability Section during CLM’s Southeast Conference in Atlanta in November 2018.

Sigmund’s panel featured a discussion of the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision in Lozman v. City of Riviera Beach, an interesting case involving the intersection of the First and Fourth Amendments, and the Civil Rights Act of 1871. Briefly, Lozman was arrested, but not prosecuted, for disrupting a city council meeting.  Subsequently, it was revealed that the City Council had earlier decided on a course of action to intimidate Lozman based upon his civic activism and his prior litigation with the City. Lozman brought suit against the City for retaliatory arrest, alleging a violation under the Civil Rights Act.

The panel discussed potential developments in the area of municipal liability in the wake of the Lozman case, and ramifications for handling and defending municipal liability claims.

For more information on this case and how it could impact municipal entities, feel free to contact Sigmund:

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