Applying a Depth of Knowledge and Experience

For educators in the private sector, the interplay between federal law, such as FERPA and IDEA, and state regulations contained in Pennsylvania’s School Code can be overwhelming. Educators and institutions rely on our ingenuity and sound judgment to advance and defend their interests. We routinely counsel and advocate for our private school clients with the Department of Education in Harrisburg, and on a local level, with school districts, families and their advocates.

We have experience in:

  • Private school licensure
  • IDEA and special education law
  • Employment/HR issues
  • FERPA and privacy concerns
  • School policies and procedures
  • Contracting with school districts
  • Land development and zoning
  • Represented University Dean in securing severance benefits.
  • Successfully defended construction manager of school project whereby manager was not only released from all claims but also indemnified by plaintiff school board for attorneys’ fees incurred in defending case.