Advancing and Protecting Your Reputation

Professional service organizations face a highly competitive business landscape with unique legal challenges. Drawing on the broad experience across our firm, we counsel a diverse range of professional service firms, including law firms, accounting firms, engineering and architectural firms, real estate agents and brokers, marketing agencies and business consultants.

Our attorneys handle both transactional and litigation matters in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We represent clients in mergers and acquisitions, business restructuring, succession planning, corporate governance, intellectual property matters and employee training. We also handle malpractice claims, government investigations, partnership and employment disputes and alleged violations of codes of professional conduct. Above all, we know the value of reputation and will aggressively defend against actions designed to tarnish this critical asset.

  • Represented a foreign real estate developer in a multi-million dollar lawsuit involving claims of fraud and conspiracy against two national law firms and a global real estate services firm.
  • Successfully prosecuted claim of financial advisor against former employer for $1.1 million in commission and capital in the business.
  • Successfully represented national IT staffing company in action against former president who sold his company to the client and then formed and “incubated” directly competitive businesses by stealing key management personnel and utilizing company resources.
  • Successfully represented Global analytics and advice company in major copyright cases, securing both monetary settlements and a consent order that client owned and had validly registered its copyright and was the original author of the infringed work.
  • Won a preliminary injunction for a franchisor of home inspection services prohibiting franchisee from opening competing business in or around surrounding territory.
  • Successfully defended construction manager of school project whereby manager was not only released from all claims but also indemnified by plaintiff school board for attorneys’ fees incurred in defending case.
  • Assisted law firm representing fiduciary in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy case in resolving disputes with government watchdog.