A Multidisciplinary Approach

With wide-reaching healthcare industry experience, we work with physician practices, hospitals, clinical research organizations, healthcare consultants and veterinary practices in solving business problems and handling litigation. Our range of experience spans:

  • Formation of physician practices and drafting of operating/partnership agreements
  • Acquisition of physician practices
  • Purchase or lease of physical plants
  • Assisting with financing equipment and handling warranty litigation
  • Negotiating borrowing facilities and defending litigation involving lender relationships
  • Drafting/review of employment agreements and handling restrictive covenant litigation
  • Minority shareholder freeze out litigation
  • Defense of malpractice lawsuits
  • Negotiation and litigation involving healthcare consulting contracts
  • Litigation involving Master contracts and SOWs
  • Employment practices advice and employment litigation

With a focus on your objectives and budget, we provide effective, efficient solutions to advance your business.  

  • Significant jury verdict on behalf of a client in the health services industry who sought damages for fraud in the inducement in connection with the purchase of a medical practice.
  • Obtained a defense verdict on behalf of an imaging center in a medical malpractice action in which the radiologist admitted liability for missing a brain tumor on an MRI scan.
  • Restructured multi-loan portfolio for regional bank to medical care provider.