Jury Verdict

We are proud to announce that Matthew McGuire obtained a very favorable verdict following a one week civil jury trial in Montgomery County, PA.  Plaintiff was leaving a restaurant to smoke a cigarette.  Plaintiff noticed construction debris on the ground in her path.  Despite seeing the debris, the Plaintiff stepped on it, tripped and fell, sustaining injuries.  Plaintiffs, husband and wife, sued the restaurant, the owner of the building and the construction company, which Plaintiffs accused of leaving the construction debris on the ground.

Matt defended the construction company.  The issues for the jury to evaluate included the Open and Obvious Doctrine, and Plaintiffs’ Comparative Negligence, among others.  The Plaintiffs’ final demand prior to trial was $2 million.   The jury found that the Plaintiff was 80% at fault, which bars any recovery by the Plaintiffs.  For more information about this case, you can reach Matt directly at 267-319-1752.

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